• Driveways
  • Patios: with or without steps
  • Sidewalks, Walkways, Ramps: Being able to easily and safely get around your property is important. We’ll help lay the perfect sidewalk, walkway, or ramp to ensure you can do just that
  • Stamped Steps: we stamp the entire step to match your new patio
  • Concrete and Block Retaining Walls: A retaining wall can compliment any outdoor feature and make a statement, or help complete an area and ensure soil doesn’t move. Let Nadig Concrete help build your next retaining wall.
  • Curbs
  • Agricultural
  • Floors for Garages, Basements, Slabs, and Pole Barns: the foundation for your new or existing structure is important – start the project off right and have Nadig lay the concrete for you.
  • Home Foundations & Additions

Stamped Concrete: is colored with a color inside the concrete and one on top of the concrete to give your project the antiqued look. Stamped has the unique image of stone, block, slate, or brick, with any number of color combinations. We seal the concrete with a high sheen sealer and an anti-skid additive, which meets state specs for traction.

Regular Concrete: from broom finish to hard trowel

Benefits of Stamped Concrete over Brick Pavers:  

  • Stamped concrete will not buckle or fall off on the edges like bricks.
  • The maintenance is so much easier:
    • Does not require yearly sand packing of joints
    • Does not require pulling of aggravating weeds that sprout up in every joint
    • Does not have those ugly insect/ant infestations causing ugly messes
    • Stamped only requires to be washed off and clear sealed every one or two years.
  • Nadig Concrete can either sell you the sealer, or wash and seal your concrete for you.
  • Plus, stamped concrete is less expensive than brick pavers, with greater beauty!

Please visit the following link: to see a selection of patterns and colors that we can use on your project. Then, fill out the form below and let Nadig’s experience and expertise create a stunning project for you!

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